7 Helpful Tips for Pest Control

By Brittany Loeffler on August 8, 2018

Pest control can be a tricky job, especially when it comes to handling properties with tenants. While there are many ways that tenants can take part in pest control like keeping food sealed and put away and cleaning the property, landlords and property managers can also take part in pest control.

Mice, cockroaches, and other pests are pesky to get rid of once they have entered the property. So, we’ve come up with some helpful tips to prevent those annoying pests from finding their way into your house.

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Trim Bushes and Hedges

If there are hedges or bushes that are outside of the house, make sure to keep them trimmed and maintained. Bugs enjoy roaming around branches and leaves. When these branches and leaves are touching the side of the house, especially a window with some cracks, they are more likely to crawl into the house.

Prevent these bugs from crawling into the house by cutting that bridge and creating a gap between bushes, hedges, and other plants and the house. This may need to be done every few weeks, so it does require some dedication, but it’s ultimately worth it for pest control.

Seal Doors and Windows

Take a walk around the house and see if there are any cracks or ill-fitting windows and doors in the house. If you are renting out an older house you may have to replace windows and doors for normal wear and tear.

Sealing these cracks in doors and windows will prevent pests from coming in. It will also keep out the cold weather in the winter, which will keep energy costs down for your tenants.

Block Entry Points

Most people start their pest control after they’ve seen critters crawling around their house. Get a head start and find the entry points that pests can come through. This will require you to go around the outside of the house looking for small cracks and holes. Anything that looks like a way into your home can be a potential entry point.

Seal these entry points with mesh metal. It’s so strong that rats and mice don’t even stand a chance of getting through. This is one of the best preventative pest control acts as a landlord or property manager can do for their tenants.

Provide Outdoor Trash Cans

Be attentive to your tenants and provide outdoor trash cans. When tenants do not have outdoor trash cans, they will most likely keep their trash in the apartment or house until trash day. Keep in mind that trash day is usually only once a week. Now, picture how much trash four people can create within a week. It’s definitely more trash than can fit in a single trash bag.

With outdoor trash cans, tenants and remove their trash immediately and prevent pests come entering the house because they won’t be drawn to old food and scraps. These outdoor trash cans should be away from the property and locked up so mice and rats cannot get into them.

Prevent Standing Water

Standing water is a breeding place for pesky (and sometimes dangerous) mosquitos. If your property has an outdoor space, make sure there is no standing water that may attract bugs. You want your tenants to have a good time living in your property and sitting outside. Mosquitos will deter them from sitting outside.

Check any air conditioning units to make sure they are not leaking and any pipes in the basement. Not only will this water attract bugs and pests, but it can cause mold to grow if it’s indoors.

pest control

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Put Down Traps

If it’s too late and your tenants have seen pests in the house already, it’s time to lay down some traps. There are plenty of humane traps that you can use for pest control. Remember, your tenants will probably be the ones disposing of the pests, so it may be considerate to ask them what kind of traps they prefer.

Call an Exterminator Between Tenants

You never really know how your tenants live throughout their time in your property. They may have a pest infestation and never told you about it. It’s always a good idea to have a professional exterminator to come in, inspect, and do any pest control necessary between tenants. This will give your new tenants ease of mind knowing that they are moving into a clean apartment and will definitely appreciate that you’re thinking ahead.

Start Your Pest Control Now

Even though there are many ways your tenants can take part in pest control, there are multiple ways that you as a landlord or property manager to prevent pests from getting into the property in the first place. Call an exterminator between tenants, check your doors and windows, block possible entry points, maintain any shrubbery, and provide your tenants with outdoor trashcans.

By Brittany Loeffler

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Brittany is a senior English major with a concentration in creative writing at Temple University. After growing up in a very rural part of Pennsylvania, she found her calling in the streets of the big city of Philadelphia. Aside from writing, she enjoys reading, movies, baking, and photography.

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